Beyond Academics

Kaleidoscopic Art and Craft Activities

Art and Craft undoubtedly boost self-expression & self-esteem by evolving and accentuating the child’s creativity and innovativeness.

The classroom design at DPSPR supports the students’ ability to produce innovative ideas and solve problems in unique ways.

The curriculum of DPSPR is premeditated to provide time for artistic expression.

The school is constantly committed to providing excellent opportunities and state-of-the-art infrastructure to our students and preparing them to make meaningful contributions in an increasing global society. A multipurpose court has recently been constructed with a basketball, tennis court and stage.

This celebration of artistic expression and passion not only fills learners with renewed enthusiasm but also helps channelizing skills for their future careers.

Spectrum of Sports Activities

With an endeavor to develop a persistent physical and mental health regime, DPSPR provides array of games and sports activities.

The students are supported to participate in at least one field of sports, advancing them towards their passion for sports accomplishments.

Students get the opportunity to up keep health with routine indoor or outdoor sports and Martial Art- Taekwondo.

The school has numerous of sports achievers who brought laurels to the school.

Crucial Club Activities

The school offers a selection of rewarding yet exciting Friday Activities related to all aspects of learning.

These strategic activities collaborate with learning environment to produce a scenario conducive to establishing happy and curious life-long passion for a certain domain of life skills that may become their vocation.

Expedient Excursions & trips

As a part of experiential learning regime, the school believes that immense amount of learning also takes place beyond the premises of the school.

Through regular excursions students attain a profound understanding of various subjects especially history, geography, science, art, language, finance, anthropology and more

At DPSPR, values like team spirit, patriotism, humility and forbearance are cultivated through regular trips.

These outings are source of relaxation and rejuvenation, fun and frolic.

Wholesome Morning Assemblies

Morning Assembly is an integral part of DPSPR.

The gathering instills sense of belonging, spiritual positivity and a zest to create a better today, everyday.

The physical training exercises, musical prayers and an inspirational presentation by each class helps generate leaders and public speakers for today and tomorrow.

The students stay updated with current events of the world around them.

The rewards and recognition to the achievers inspires students to engage in worthwhile activities.

Inter House Competitions

To invoke and sustain a healthy competitive spirit and leadership opportunities, there is an intense tradition of Houses.

The four houses – Aravali, Nilgiri, Shivalik and Vindhyachal constantly challenge one another invigorating amazing opportunities for student leadership and peer group support.

The House tradition at DPSPR fosters team spirit, sense of belonging and opportunities for display of talent and leadership skills.

The enthusiasm during the competitions and celebration of the achievement is the foundation of some extraordinary bonds.